Photo Basal Dental Implants for Gum Disease

patient with gum disease after basal dental implants

Basal Implants for Periodontal Disease

Discover the results and transformation for patients who suffer from periodontal disease with receding gums, loosening teeth and toothloss with bone atrophy. The full mouth dental restorations were completed with basal dental implants that are fixed deeper than the spongy cancellous bone into the cortical bone. It avoids bone grafting and sinus lift and zygomatic implants.

Before and After Basal Dental Implants for Gum Disease

Full mouth dental restoration of patient with severe gum disease The implant dentist extracted the loose teeth and positioned basal dental implants on the length of the jaws to recreate the natural functionality of the mouth in order to enable normal mastication.

patient with gum disease before basal dental implants patient with gum disease after basal dental implants with PFM ceramic bridges
Dr Genchev dentist basal dental implant Bulgaria Plovdiv

Dr Georgy Genchev is one of the best implant dentists specializing in the full dental restoration edentulous patients with severe bone loss and periodontal disease with basal implants.

Dr Genchev practices in Bulgaria. He has many patients from the United Kingdom, Ireland, the USA, Canada and Australia.

patient with gum disease patient with gum disease after basal dental implantation

Periodontitis Before and After Basal Implants

Full mouth dental restoration for patient with periodontitis with receding gums. Basal dental implants with PFM bridge ceramic crowns.

Dr Genchev Full Mouth Dental Implants

Discover the results of Dr Genchev who is a basal implant dentist in Bulgaria. He treats patients who suffer from gum disease with loosening teeth, receding gums, tooth loss and bone loss.

Dr Genchev completes the full mouth dental restoration by replacing all the missing teeth in 1 visit of 5 days. His dental practice is located in Plovdiv Bulgaria.

before and after photos for gum disease treatment with basal dental implants

The advantages of basal dental implants

What are the benefits of basal implants for treating periodontal disease?

In cases of severe gum disease, the advantage of basal implants is that they compensate for bone loss, while avoiding sinus lift and bone grafting. Basal implants do not depend on cancellous bone. It is fixed deeper into the cortical bone.

Basal implantology is the only effective solution to restore the functionality of the mouth to enable normal mastication. Basal implants do not require bone grafting or sinus lift.

bone graft procedure

NO Bone Graft

No bone graft needed because it often fails for edentulous patients with severe bone loss.

zygomatic implants

NO Zygomatic implants

No need for zygomatic implants that increase the risk of complications.

sinus lift procedure

NO Sinus Lift

Sinus lift can cause chronic sinusitis. Basal implants avoid the need for lifting the sinuses.

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