Consultation FOR BASAL Implants

Ask the Dentist

Ask a dentist specialized in dental restoration with basal implants for a consultation. We’ll put you in touch with a selection of implant dentists who practice basal implantology.

Callback request

    Contact us

    For a quick response, send us an email with your panoramic radio and phone number. We’ll call you through the WhatsApp mobile application.

    The next step…

    Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll ask you for more information:

    • A panoramic X-ray OPG
    • Your dental history
    • Health questions
    • Your preferences for the dentist, location and date of treatment
    • Any other personal preferences
    basal dental implant patient smiling

    The implant dentist will answer your questions:

    • Are basal dental implants a good solution for me?
    • Do I have enough bone for dental implants?
    • What treatment plan does the dentist recommend?
    • How do you treat gum disease?
    • If I smoke, can I have dental implants?
    • And if I’m diabetic, can I have implants?
    • How long does the full dental restoration take?
    • Is it painful?
    • What is the total cost?
    • What are the guarantees?
    • What are the risks?
    • What results can I expect?