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Full Mouth Dental Implants

Dr Genchev is the best basal implant dentist in Bulgaria for full mouth dental restoration. He treats the most complex cases of patients that suffer from severe bone loss and advanced gum disease. Ask Dr Genchev for a quote:

Dr Genchev with patient for full mouth dental restoration

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    2 jaws €8990





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    Basal implants are the best solution
    for full mouth dental restoration

    Edentulism (toothlessness)

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    Periodontitis (gum disease)

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    Bone loss

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    Price Full Dental Restoration

    Dr Genchev applies reasonnable prices so that the full mouth dental rehabilitation procedure is accessible to all.
    The price for full mouth dental implants with basal implants is a fixed fee per jaw. All prices are in Euro.

    2 jaws


    1 jaw


    dr genchev performing a full mouth dental implant procedure

    Edentulism, Bone Atrophy, Periodontitis, Bruxism,

    How Dr Genchev performs the full mouth dental restoration procedure with immediate-loading basal dental implants in 1 visit of 5 days in Bulgaria.

    Basal Dental Implant Photos Before and After

    Dr Genchev is a specialist of full mouth dental restoration with immediate-loading basal dental implants immédiate in 1 visit of 5 days. See the reviews of Dr Genchev.

    OPG edentulism before basal dental implants opg basal dental implant for full rehabilitation

    Patient smiling after full mouth dental implants by Dr Genchev  for YouTube video

    Video Testimonials

    Dr Genchev’s patients come from the USA, Canada, the UK, France and Switzerland. They seek him for his expertise in full mouth dental restoration with basal dental implants.

    Dr Genchev in Plovdiv Bulgaria

    The dental surgery of Dr Genchev is located in the centre of Plovdiv Bulgaria.

    There are 2 airports: Plovdiv PDV and Sofia SOF. There are cheap flights from the UK and Ireland to Plovdiv and most destinations to Sofia SOF with WizzAir, RyanAir, EasyJet and Air Bulgaria. Dr Genchev’s team can organise an airport transfer and can recommend local accommodation.

    Dr Genchev

    147 Boulevard Tsar Boris III Obedenitel
    Plovdiv 4000

    +359 88 49 79 682

    English speaking

    Dr Genchev placing a basal dental implant

    The philosophy of Dr Genchev

    The most complex cases

    Many implantologists don’t want to risk treating patients with severe bone loss. Not so with Dr Genchev. As an implantologist he has developed the art of basal implantology to the highest level. And it is the joy of bringing the smile back to his patients and the love of his profession that thrusts him forward to push the boundaries of dental restoration with basal implants.

    A maximum of number basal implants

    Dr Genchev always tries to place as many basal dental implants as possible to provide more stability and reliability to the dental bridge. On average, he places 10 to 12 implants on the upper jaw and 8 to 10 on the lower jaw for edentulous patients. Dr Genchev follows Dr Ihde’s basal implantology protocol.

    Reasonable prices

    Dr Genchev charges reasonable prices because he believes that restorative dentistry should be accessible to all. Whatever the nationality of the patient, whether from the UK, the USA, Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland or Canada, the price is the same.

    A guaranteed fixed price

    He charges a fixed price of €8990 for the complete restoration of 2 jaws. Whatever the number of extractions or the number of basal dental implants he places, the price is the same. For you, the patient, there are no surprises. Dr Genchev wants the patient to feel calm and relaxed, so he can work with peace of mind.

    A family of dentists

    Dr Genchev is a craftsman of basal implantology. He provides personal care to his patients. He controls the entire dental rehabilitation process from start to finish. He has been practicing in his dental practice for 40 years. His wife, Asia, who is also a dentist, assists him during the procedure.

    +359 88 49 79 682

    The answers to your questions

    After your request for a quote, we’ll prepare a detailed quote and a personalized treatment plan for you. It explains how Dr. Genchev will do the full mouth dental restoration with basal dental implants. Before beginning the procedure, he will hold a face-to-face consultation with you to explain the treatment plan and answer your questions.

    Dr Genchev likes to be clear and transparent, so that you can feel calm and relaxed during the treatment. It helps him work in a serene manner. In the treatment plan and during the consultation we try to answer all your questions to keep you informed.

    Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions. Contact Dr Genchev for more details.

    What brand of basal implant does Dr Genchev use?

    Dr Genchev mainly uses the brand of basal dental implants Ihde Dental Biomed. He follows Dr. Ihde’s protocol.

    Where is Dr. Genchev’s clinic located?

    Dr Genchev’s dental practice is located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and the nearest airport is Sofia. There are cheap flights from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland to Sofia airport.

    What are Dr. Genchev’s qualifications in basal implantology?

    Dr Genchev has been practicing basal implantology for 11 years. He has a Masters degree in Basal Implantology from Dr. Ihde. He also has obtained Dr. Ihde’s Teacher’s Certificate to teach new implantologists.

    How many full-mouth dental restorations has Dr. Genchev performed with basal implants?

    Dr Genchev has treated around 500 patients, many of them from France, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and even the USA and Canada. To maintain the quality of his work, he only performs 3 dental reconstructions with basal implants per week, and only every other week.

    Are travel expenses included in the price?

    No, travel expenses are not included in the price. The price only includes the procedure. Travel costs are additional. Please budget from Europe around €500 Euro per person including flights and accommodation and airport transfers.

    How long does it take to get an appointment?

    We have regular appointments, but it usually takes about two to three weeks to get an appointment for a full mouth dental restoration with a basal implants.

    I smoke. Can I have basal dental implants?

    Yes, you can have dental rehabilitation with basal dental implants because basal implants are placed in the cortical bone which is hard and not subject to resorption due to the heat of cigarette smoke. It includes electronic cigarettes.

    I have diabetes. Can I do basal implants?

    Yes, you can have a complete dental restoration with basal implants because it’s the best solution for diabetics. The basal implant is placed in the cortical bone, the hard bone of the jaw, and is therefore better accepted than conventional dental implants that are placed in spongious bone.

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