Basal Dental Implant Protocol

Improved protocol for basal implantology

Dr Genchev is an artisan of basal implantology. He takes personal care of the entire rehabilitation treatment from start to finish.

Dr Genchev personally does all the extractions, fixes the dental implants and molds the dental print.

Dr Genchev fixes a basal dental implant with his wife
Personalized treatment

Every patient has an individual treatment plan for the dental implantation that is adapted to his condition. And the teeth are personally tailored to the shape of the patient’s mouth.

A family team

Dr Genchev is assisted by his wife who is also a qualified dentist. And he has a long standing prosthetist who creates the new teeth made-to-measure.

A private dental practice

Dr Genchev’s private dental practice is located near the historical center of Plovdiv in Bulgaria.

Unlike big fast-paced international dental clinics that have huge teams and many patients Dr Genchev prefers a personalized tailored approach to restorative dentistry because he knows that everyone is different.

Dr Genchev wants patients to be calm and serene before the treatment. Prices are fixed and clearly presented on his website. Everyone pays the same price and there are no extras

Improving the basal Implant protocol

With his vast experience in dentistry Dr Genchev has fundamentally improved the protocol for basal implantology. After years of studying and practicing the basal implantology protocol of Drs Ihde, Tramonte, Scortecchi and Garbaccio, he has made fundamental improvements to perfect it. He has resolved many of the problems that plagued it.

No Total Extraction of all Teeth

The old basal implantology protocol recommends extracting all teeth to have bare gums before putting the basal dental implants. This causes problems in patients who still have healthy teeth. After extraction the bone recedes dramatically and gaps appear between the bridge and the jaw. As a solution Dr Genchev follows the recommendations of the French school of dentistry and keeps the healthy teeth. It avoids many complications and provides more stability for the dental bridges in the long term.

No total extraction of conventional dental implants

The old protocol recommends extracting all previously placed dental implants, especially conventional dental implants, even if they are firmly fixed in the bone. This is very dangerous because removing the dental implants can damage the bone. As the quality of the bone deteriorates it complicates the fixing of new basal dental implants especially in patients with poor bone density. Dr Genchev removes only dental implants that are not stable. He keeps conventional dental implants that are firmly held in the bone and positions basal dental implants around them to create a better support for the dental bridge.

No plastic dental bridges

The old protocol recommends composite bridges. But these are unhealthy and not durable. Composite is in fact PEEK a medical plastic that is porous. It increases the risk of bad breath, dental infections. And it does not last more than 2 years before deteriorating significantly. Dr Genchev recommends PFM metal-ceramic bridges that are more hygienic.

No prefabricated crowns

The use of composite bridges is necessary because of the total extraction. It also implies that the crowns are standardized and prefabricated. As a result all patients have the same teeth. Because Dr Genchev provides an individualized treatment plan and keeps the healthy teeth he produces made-to-measure personally tailored teeth. Each patient is different. It also enables Dr Genchev to successfully treat patients with extreme bone atrophy and a reversed occlusal bite.

More dental implants

The protocol recommends 10 implants on the upper jaw and only 8 on the lower jaw. But this rigidity of the protocol does not account for the difference in the quality of the bone in patients. Many patients need more than just 10 and 8 implants. Some patients with missing teeth and low bone density require at least 12 or more implants in order for the dental bridge to be stable and long-lasting.

Full range of dental implants

Dr Genchev uses dental implants of several international brands to maximize his options to treat patients with severe bone loss or advanced gum disease. Common brands such as Biomed Ihde Dental do not provide a complete range of basal implants and limit the ability to treat patients with severe bone atrophy. There are other brands such as ROOTT, Monoimplant, Garbaccio and BasalFix that complete the range of high-quality basal dental implants necessary to treat all types of patients.

Crossing basal implants

Dr Genchev specializes in edentulous patients who suffer from severe bone loss. In order to complete the strategic implantation of such patients Dr Genchev has developed a technique of using the thickness of the bone to cross 2 implants that are fixed into the hard cortical bone of the upper jaw. Additionally he has also perfected the art of placing 3 pterygoid dental implants behind the sinus. These 2 techniques enable him to restore the teeth of patients who are totally edentulous with severe bone atrophy. These techniques are testament to his mastery of basal implantology and marks a significant improvement on the old basal implantology protocol. 

Dr Genchev with patient for basal dental implants
Examples of Dr Genchev’s Protocol

With his new improved protocol for basal dental Dr Genchev has treated many critical patients from all over the world and helped save the dental treatment of patients who could not be treated with the old basal implantology protocol.

Here are some examples including corrections of unsuccessful attempts of the old basal implantology protocol by other basal implant dentists.

Treatment for Gum Disease

Dr Genchev treats gum disease and receding gums by removing the loose teeth and replacing them with basal dental implants and keeping the healthy teeth. All the implants and teeth are covered by a full dental bridge of 14 crowns.

patient with with gum disease after basal dental implants

Dr Genchev fixes a basal dental implant

Treatment for Missing Teeth

Dr Genchev treats patients with missing teeth, edentulism, and severe bone atrophy by placing a maximum number of basal dental implants including pterygoid dental implants to recreate the natural functionality of the mouth to chew normally.