Advice service. We answer your questions about basal implantology and full mouth dental restoration.

Do you need a dental restoration with a basal implant?

We’ll help you make an informed decision with clear, informed answers.

Advice service. We answer your questions about basal implantology and full dental restoration.

Send us your OPG panoramic x-ray using the form below or via the email address. We’ll contact you to ask further questions about your preferences and health to give you an accurate opinion.

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    Or send your OPG panoramic x-ray by email.

    This advice service is a free service for patients who wish to do a complete dental restoration of 2 jaws.

    This service does not constitute medical advice. Our advice does not replace the professional opinion of a radiologist or dentist. Our aim is purely educational. We give you free information to help you understand your condition, so that you can make a better decision and choose the dental treatment that’s right for you.

    Your questions

    • Can I do basal implants?
    • Do I have enough bone?
    • I smoke, can I have implants?
    • I have diabetes. Can I have basal implants?
    • Where can I find the right implantologist?
    Dr Genchev places a basal dental implant
    Dr Genchev places a basal dental implant

    Our answers

    1. We answer your questions in plain language.
    2. We’ll give you information that’s precise and personalized to your x-ray.
    3. We recommend dentists who practice basal implantology.

    How to proceed

    1. Send us your OPG panoramic x-ray in digital format using the form or by email above.

    2. We will contact you to ask questions about your age, health and previous dental treatments.

    3. We will send you personalized information to better understand your options for dental restoration.

    We reserve the right not to advise you. The sending of your panoramic X-ray does not constitute a contract between us. This service is rendered on the basis of goodwill, with no obligation on our part to provide this service. If we agree, this is a free service with no obligation on our part. Information is provided according to our availability. To avoid any conflict of interest, we do not provide advice to patients who have contacted one of our partner dentists for whom we provide customer communication services.

    All advice is provided in writing only, with no voice calls, emails or WhatsApp instant messaging.