The Basal Dental Implantation Procedure

Comprehensive dental care

Dr Genchev takes personal charge of the dental implantation procedure, from start to finish, including:

  • The treatment plan
  • Arrival and communication
  • The brand of basal dental implants
  • Dentistry materials
  • After-care follow-up advice
Dr Genchev fixes a basal dental implant

The Treatment Plan

The full mouth dental restoration with basal dental implants takes place over 1 visit of 5 full days in Plovdiv Bulgaria.

Before your arrival, his team is on hand to help you organize your trip. During your treatment, you will be accompanied by an English-speaking assistant. And after the treatment his team will stay in touch to provide follow-up advice.

  • Day 1 : Arrival at Sofia airport
  • Day 2 : Extraction and implantation
  • Day 3 : Rest and time to visit Plovdiv
  • Day 4 : Technical fitting of dental bridges
  • Day 5 : Rest and time to visit Plovdiv
  • Day 6 : Fitting of the new dental bridges
  • Day 7 : Adjustments, if necessary
  • Day 8 : Departure
Dr Genchev dentist basal dental implant Bulgaria Plovdiv

Dr Georgy Genchev is one of the best implant dentists specializing in the full dental restoration edentulous patients with severe bone loss and periodontal disease using basal dental implants.

Dr Genchev practices in Bulgaria. He has many patients from the United Kingdom, Ireland, the USA, Canada and Australia.

Arrival and Communication

During your visit to Plovdiv in Bulgaria, you will be greeted on site by Dr Genchev’s English-speaking assistant. On the first day, he will take you for a panoramic X-ray and dental treatment. He will be responsible for communication with Dr Genchev. After the treatment, he will take you back to your accommodation.

At any time during your stay, you can contact Julien, Dr Genchev’s personal coordinator, who will be available at all times on WhatsApp and on the phone.

Basal Dental Implants

Dr Genchev uses the Ihde Dental Biomed brand of basal dental implants. He mainly uses BCS and TPG types of basal implants. Dr Genchev has improved the protocol of basal implantology.

Dentistry Materials

Dr Genchev performs a local anesthetic with a French brand that contains articaine.

The dental bridges are fixed permanently to the basal dental implants with Fuji dental cement (Japan).

The dental crowns depending on your choice are made from ceramic by Vita (Germany) PFM porcelain fused to metal, composite Visio.ign by Bredent (Germany) or zirconium.

Aftercare and Warranty

Dr Genchev provides an 18 month warranty for the full mouth dental rehabilitation. You can return at any time to make corrections. And you can contact Dr Genchev’s personal coordinator Julien if you have any questions after your dental restoration.

Dr Genchev fixes a basal dental implant

Treatment for Missing Teeth

Dr Genchev treats patients with missing teeth, edentulism, and severe bone atrophy by placing a maximum number of basal dental implants including pterygoid dental implants to recreate the natural functionality of the mouth to chew normally.

Treatment for Gum Disease

Dr Genchev treats gum disease and receding gums by removing the loose teeth and replacing them with basal dental implants and keeping the healthy teeth. All the implants and teeth are covered by a full dental bridge of 14 crowns.

patient with with gum disease after basal dental implants

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