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basal dental implant for full mouth dental restoration

What are basal dental implants?

Basal dental implants have been invented for the full mouth dental restoration of patients suffering from tooth loss and bone atrophy. They do not necessitate bone graft, compensation or sinus lift.

Basal dental implant for edentulism and atrophy

Basal dental implant recreate the natural functionality of the mouth to enable edentulous patients with severe bone loss to eat normally.

Dr Genchev places a basal dental implant

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Dr Genchev with patient smoker after restoration full mouth dental implants

Dental implants for smokers

Basal dental implants are the best solution for smokers because they are not affected by the resorption of the gums.

Dental implants for diabetics

Basal implants are the best solution for patients who suffer from diabetes because they are fixed in the cortical bone that is not affected by resorption.

PFM dental ceramic bridge on basal dental implants

Full Dental Restoration

patient with ceramic bridges on basal dental implants

Basal dental implant for gum disease

Basal dental implants are used for treating gum disease, periodontitis, to restore the functionality of the mouth.

What is basal implantology?

Basal implantology is the best technique for rehabilitating the natural functionality of the mouth for patients who suffer from tooth loss with severe bone loss.

basal implantology Dr Genchev

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Dr Genchev dentist basal dental implant Bulgaria Plovdiv

Dr Genchev is a dentist and implantologist specializing in full dental restoration with basal implants. His dental practice is located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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