Dental Implants for Diabetes

Conventional dental implants are not recommended for people with diabetes because the implants are placed in soft, spongy bone, which is prone to resorption, which occurs more rapidly in diabetics.

Basal dental implants are the best solution for diabetics. Basal implants are placed in cortical bone, which is much deeper. This is the hard bone of the jaw that is not subject to resorption of gum tissue.

opg basal implantology for diabetes

The basal implant is recommended for diabetic patients as long as their diabetes is under control, either with insulin or medication such as Metformin.

Diabetic patients undergoing dental restoration with a basal dental implant should be aware that healing is slower and there is more inflammation of the gums.

Dr Genchev dentist basal dental implant Bulgaria Plovdiv

Dr Genchev
Basal Implant Dentist

Dr Georgy Genchev is one of the best specialists for Full Mouth Dental Implants. He specialises in patients with severe bone loss and has treated many patients with diabetes.

He has over 12 years experience in full dental rehabilitation with basal dental implants.

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    Full Mouth Dental Implants for Diabetes

    Example of full mouth dental restoration for patients with diabetes with basal dental implants completed by Dr Genchev.

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