Dr Genchev Price for a Dental Restoration

The price for full mouth dental implants

Dr Genchev charges reasonable prices. He wants to make full mouth dental restoration with basal implants accessible to all. Prices are the same for all patients, whatever their nationality: English, American, Canadian, French or Bulgarian.

Dr Genchev charges a fixed price. Whatever the number of extractions or dental implants, the price is fixed.

Dr Genchev with a patient after basal dental implants

2 jaws


1 jaw


Included in the price

For full mouth dental implants Dr Genchev has a fixed price per jaw. All costs related to dental implantation are included in the price. Dental extractions, dental implants, prosthetics / fixed bridges with 14 crowns and all dental materials including the anesthesia. All prices are in Euro.

Dr Genchev dentist basal dental implant Bulgaria Plovdiv

Dr Genchev

basal implant dentist

Dr Georgy Genchev is one of the best implant dentists who specializes in basal implants for the full dental restoration edentulous patients with severe bone loss and periodontal disease.

Dr Genchev practices in Bulgaria. He has many patients from France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and Germany.

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    2 jaws €8990


    Dental Crown Options

    Dr Genchev places fixed prosthesis, also known as arches or 14-crown fixed bridges, on basal dental implants to give you a complete set of teeth. You have a choice of ceramic, composite and zirconia crowns. The prices below are for the entire procedure including the implantation and the bridges. The price varies only depending on the type of material used for the dental crowns.

    pfm metal ceramic bridge fixed prosthesis

    Dental Crowns on Fixed Bridge

    Metal-ceramic PFM crowns

    Ceramic Vita (Germany)



    Bredent BioHPP Visa.lign


    Zirconium crowns

    Zirconium (Germany)


    Additional costs

    Additional costs incurred outside Dr Genchev’s dental practice are at the patient’s expense. They include medication, dental imaging laboratory and travel expenses to Plovdiv Bulgaria. Total additional costs, including travel, medication and dental imaging, are estimated at around €500 euros when traveling from a European destination.

    Dr Genchev does not perform gingivoplasty, which is a surcharge at other clinics.

    OPG 2D Panoramic X-ray

    Dr Genchev needs a panoramic X-ray, also called an OPG, on photographic paper to perform the treatment. If you don’t have one before coming, you can have one taken on the spot. His assistant will accompany you to the dental laboratory. After the implantation, a second panoramic X-ray OPG will be necessary to check that the basal implants are correctly positioned. Each x-ray costs €18, i.e. €36 for 2 panoramic x-rays.

    In more complex cases, Dr. Genchev may ask you to have a dental scan. This costs around €90.


    Dr Genchev will prescribe painkillers and antibiotics as well as vitamins to facilitate tissue healing. The cost of medication is around €25.

    Travel Expenses

    All travel expenses are the patient’s responsibility: airfares / flights, airport transfers and accommodation in Plovdiv Bulgaria.

    Dr Genchev placing a basal dental implant

    Payment for the dental treatment

    Full mouth dental reconstructions with basal implants can be paid either by bank transfer, which is the quickest and easiest solution, or in cash. Dr Genchev does not accept cards. To block the dates we will ask you to pay a deposit of 30%. The remaining 70% must be paid before the end of the treatment.


    Dr Genchev charges reasonable prices so that everyone can smile and eat normally. Unfortunately, he is not in a position to provide financing for patients from abroad. We recommend that you take out a consumer loan with your bank.

    Invoices and documents

    Dr Genchev will give you an invoice in English for you and to provide to your private or national health insurance company. You will also receive a guarantee certificate as well as the original panoramic X-rays OPG before and after treatment.

    Private Health Insurance

    If you have private health insurance or national health cover in your country that covers you for dental implants, dental and full mouth dental rehabilitation Dr Genchev will provide an invoice and the panoramic x-rays OPG to prove that you have done the treatment.

    FAQ Price of Full Mouth Dental Implants

    Answers to Your Questions about Price and Payment Methods

    The price of a full mouth dental implants varies from dentist to dentist based on the location and type of dental restoration system recommended. Price does not equal quality. The price does not depend on the cost of the materials such as the dental implants or dental crowns used. The cost depends more on the location of the clinic and costs to run it. A good implant dentist can be cheaper than a more expensive one.

    Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the price of full mouth dental restoration.

    What is the price of a dental implant?

    The price of a dental implant is €450 Euro for a basal dental implant to upwards of €800 Euro for conventional dentals implants for All-on-4. The price depends on the brand of the dental implant. Higher price does not necessarily mean better quality. All dental implants are made from titanium alloys that make the production cost more or less the same.

    What is the full cost of dental restoration?

    When choosing an implant dentist you need to add to the cost of the procedure the numbers of visits to the dentists and travel costs associated with each journey. Some dental restoration systems like All-on-4 require the patient to come twice over 6 months. If you do a sinus lift or bone grafting it will add one more visit.

    Are travel expenses included in the price?

    No, travel expenses are usually not included in the price. The price only includes the procedure. Travel costs are additional. Please sum up the to total budget for travelling including flights and accommodation and airport transfers. Add the cost of an extra journey for a check-up.

    What is the cost of basal implants?

    The cost of basal implants is €450 Euro for a full mouth dental restoration with basal dental implants based on an average of 20 basal dental implants per full rehabilitation of both jaws.

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