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Dr Genchev is proud to give a smile back to his patients

Dr Genchev is one of the most experienced basal implant dentists. He treats the most difficult patients that have severe bone loss.

But, due to his experience and know-how, Dr Genchev is able to treat even the most complex cases of edentulous (toothless) patients that have bone atrophy.

Many of Dr Genchev’s patients were considered impossible cases by dentists in the UK, France, USA and Canada because they suffered from missing teeth with severe bone loss. These dentists had condemned these patients to a lifetime of removable dentures.

Patient of Dr Genchev after basal dental implants full reshabilitation

Dr Genchev has placed at least 10,000 immediate-loading basal dental implants. After years of using the All-on-4 and All-on-6 systems, he understood that basal implantology is better solution for full-mouth dental restoration of edentulous, toothless, patients.

Dr Genchev obtained the highest diploma, the Masters in basal implantology. He follows Dr Ihde’s protocol. Dr Genchev also obtained Dr Ihde’s Teacher’s Certificate in basal implantology. He trains implantologists in Bulgaria who wish to practice basal implantology.

The Results of Dr Genchev for Full Mouth Dental Implants

Patient for full mouth dental restoration after periodontitis

Before and After Gum Disease

This patient had acute periodontitis. She could not chew anymore. Her teeth were falling out. Dr Genchev completed the full mouth dental restoration with immediate-loading basal dental implants in 1 visit of 5 days in Plovdiv Bulgaria. Discover photos of dental restoration to treat the effects of gum disease.

Full Dental Restoration for Edentulism

Photos of edentulous patients with severe bone atrophy that Dr Genchev rehabilitated with basal dental implants in 1 visit of 5 days in Plovdiv Bulgaria.

Dr Genchev with diabetic patient for basal dental implants

patient for basal dental implants due to bruxism

Treatment for Bruxism

This patient suffered from bruxism. He wore out his teeth till they were sensitive to hot and cold and falling out. Dr Genchev completed the full mouth dental restoration with immediate-loading basal dental implants in 1 visit of 5 days in Plovdiv Bulgaria. Basal dental implants are the best solution to treat the effects of bruxism.

Dr Genchev with patient for basal dental implants video testimonial

Video Testimonials

Dr Genchev’s patients come from France, Switzerland, Canada, the UK and as far as Australia and New Zealand. They seek him for his expertise in dental restoration with severe bone atrophy due to tooth loss and gum disease. Discover their video testimonials on YouTube.

Dr Genchev dentist basal dental implant Bulgaria Plovdiv

Dr Genchev
Basal Implant Dentist

Dr Georgy Genchev is one of the best specialists for Full Mouth Dental Implants. He specialises in patients with severe bone loss. Contact him for a quote:

1 visit 5 days

2 jaws €8990


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Patient Reviews of Dr Genchev

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
Very good0%

chewing and smiling again

Rated 5.0 out of 5

It’s been 6 months now since I had my 2 jaws restored and I’m satisfied with the result – no regrets, I can chew and smile again. Dr Genchev has mastered his art perfectly. Even though I was stressed during the local anaesthetic procedure, which lasted just over 2 hours, he did a tremendous job in such a short time, with great confidence. I was worried about when the anaesthetic would wear off, but for no reason, in fact, by the evening it was fine. Most of the work took 2 hours.

There are still 2 appointments to try on the prostheses

and adjustments to finalize the operation. Mr. and Mrs. Genchev and Julien made a very nice team.

Many thanks


Translated from Dr Genchev’s French website https://www.dr-genchev.fr/implant-basal/avis/


great professional

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Very good welcome by Julien super friendly and doctor genchev and his wife of very great professional listening to patient in Plovdiv is a beautiful city we will return it has become like friends super.


Translated from Dr Genchev’s French website https://www.dr-genchev.fr/implant-basal/avis/


5 stars for the result

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I have no problem giving the result 5 stars, but I’ll explain my point of view anyway 😅… First of all, what you need to know (and what I didn’t realize) is that, unlike treatments evaluated in France and Switzerland (respectively envron 3x and 4x more expensive 😳), here we don’t fit crowns tooth by tooth, but a “mega” bridge for the top and another for the bottom. This explains the price and the incredibly short treatment time. Advantages:

– Everything in one go

– As everything is connected, nothing moves (when a tooth moves, there’s a risk of infection (this was my case 3 weeks before…)).

– The prosthetist has a simpler job of “making” everything fit together (I think).

– The cost

– Treatment time

– No tooth-by-tooth adjustment required Disadvantages :

– may look less natural than when done tooth by tooth

– Impression of having a pair of flip-flops instead of teeth 😅

– If there’s a problem on an implant or root, you’re going to have to cut off a piece of it, which may not be as easy as blowing up a single crown (but I don’t know about that, of course).

– No tooth-by-tooth adjustment (also seen as an advantage in terms of treatment complexity). In my opinion, it’s all or nothing 😅. Either it “fits” or it’s the me… But then again, these guys aren’t exactly new at this either… Duration of procedures :

Grinding of remaining teeth and placement of implant(s) and extraction(s) of “rotten” material: about 3 hours 😳 (observed on 2 very different cases).

Including taking impressions for the prostheses. This is nothing like what would happen in France or Switzerland… Prosthesis fitting: 1h Pain :

Personally to die for… 😩, but of course everyone is different…

I think the more you’ve suffered with your teeth (in my case since I was 8), the more sensitive your nervous system becomes…

But the 5 punctures in the palate and the 5 in the lower gums are still a moment that’s hard to appreciate… So I really had a hard time of it for 36 hours after the “trimming” and 12 hours after the prostheses were fitted.

Which seems logical to me, given that they don’t go to extremes and everything is done in one go… For me, it’s a bit like saying: level 2 pain for 20 operations or level (I’ll let you put a number on it) for just one… The method is “violent”, but in the end I think I suffered less than for a treatment spread out over a year or more… It’s just that there’s no such thing as “pain-free” as soon as the body is attacked… Technology and “decorum” : Bulgaria doesn’t have the per capita income level of France or Switzerland, so obviously the high-tech cabinet part with mannequins wiping your mouth is forgotten 😅 I remain convinced that people without the latest technology are often more pragmatic and skilful than those who have it… Plus the Soviets having occupied the country for a few years 😒, there’s a way of doing things that must come from that era (personal opinion)… Dr Genchev: A really gifted one in analyzing an X-ray for example (everything seen, predicted, defined on a single X-ray) and certainly a “King” in placing implants and prostheses 🤩. Conclusion:

If the aforementioned “disadvantages” are not prohibitive for you, then I totally recommend. There’s still the pain 😩 and the “clapper function”😅 In any case, the result is there 🤩🤩 and so is the price (I couldn’t afford to pay more anyway, given that nothing is reimbursed…) And on top of that, the “super bonus” is having Julien who is French-speaking and who does everything to guide, explain and reassure you 😃😃!

A really “cool” “guy” with 2 adorable children, which means that being able to smile at them again with full teeth is a real joy 😍 It’s up to you to see… 😃😃 PS: Povlivd, lost in the “pampa” 😅is really a superb historic town to boot 🤩😍Display less


Translated from Dr Genchev’s French website https://www.dr-genchev.fr/implant-basal/avis/


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