basal implant restoration for missing teeth and atrophy

Dr Genchev with edentulous patient for basal dental implant in Bulgaria

Dr Genchev completed the full mouth dental restoration for this patient who suffered from edentulism with severe bone atrophy.

In some areas of the jaws, all that remained was the cortical bone. On the lower jaw at the back, the bone was only 4 millimeters high to accommodate basal dental implants.

Thanks to his experience in basal implantology Dr Genchev completed the dental rehabilitation in 1 visit of 5 days. The dental implantation procedure took only 3 hours.

  • Dentist : Dr Genchev
  • Patient : Edentulism and bone atrophy
  • Treatment : Full mouth dental implant
  • Dental Implant : Basal implant Ihde
  • Location : Plovdiv Bulgaria
  • Time : 1 visit 5 days
  • Price : €8990 Euro
edentulous and bone atrophy patient for full mouth basal dental implant

Dr Genchev in total fixed 20 basal dental implants and kept 2 conventional implants that were stable.

Thanks to his experience and expertise, Dr Genchev gave the patient his smile back as well as the satisfaction of eating normally.

Upper jaw basal dental implants

On the upper jaw, Dr Genchev fixed 15 basal dental implants including 2 tubero pterygoid basal dental implants behind each sinus.

opg full dental restoration with basal implants

Lower jaw basal dental implants

On the lower jaw, Dr Genchev removed 2 conventional implants that were not stable and kept 2 stable dental implants from which he removed the crowns.

He extracted the devitalized teeth that were not stable. He fixed 5 new basal dental implants. The number of implants depends on the quality.

Where the bone was completely atrophied at the back on both sides Dr Genchev used very thin, short implants to accommodate the lack of bone.

Dr Genchev dentist basal dental implant Bulgaria Plovdiv

Dr Genchev basal dental implantologist

Dr Georgy Genchev treats the most complex patients that have no teeth and total bone loss.

His patients come from the USA, Canada, France, Belgium and Switzerland because he treats the patients that other dentists cannot help.

Fixed bridge on basal implant

Dr Genchev fitted 2 fixed bridges also called arches or fixed prostheses made from ceramic, PFM, Porcelain Fused to Metal .

Each full dental bridge has 14 crowns. For the color of the new teeth the patient chose the shade A2 which is a natural white.

PFM ceramic crown bridge on basal dental implant

Full Mouth Dental Implant Price

The price of the full mouth dental implant procedure with basal dental implants is only 8990 Euro. It takes only 1 visit of 5 days in Plovdiv Bulgaria.

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opg x-ray basal dental implants

What are basal dental implants?

Basal dental implants have been specially designed for the full dental restoration of patients who suffer from missing teeth with important bone loss.

Basal implants for missing teeth

Basal dental implants are especially designed for patients who have missing teeth with severe bone loss. Basal implants help recreate the natural functionality of the mouth to give the patient a full set of fixed teeth..

Dr Genchev fixes a basal dental implant for missing teeth
patient with gm disease after basal dental implants

Basal implants for gum disease

Basal dental implants are the best solution to treat periodontal disease because they are fixed in the cortical bone that is deeper than the receding gums.

Basal dental implants for bruxism

Basal dental implants resist the teeth grinding associated with bruxism because they are fixed deep into the cortical bone that is hard.

bruxism patient after basal dental implants

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