Dr Collet Basal Implant Dentist in France

Dr Collet is an implant dentist in Quimper France. He specializes in full mouth dental restoration with basal dental implants.

Dr Collet Quimper France

Dr Collet

2 Rue Pitre-Chevalier, 29000 Quimper, France.

Dr Collet‘s dental practice is located in the center of Quimper Bretagne.

opg x-ray basal dental implants

What are basal dental implants?

Basal dental implants have been specially designed for the full dental restoration of patients who suffer from missing teeth with important bone loss.

Basal implants for missing teeth

Basal dental implants are especially designed for patients who have missing teeth with severe bone loss. Basal implants help recreate the natural functionality of the mouth to give the patient a full set of fixed teeth..

Dr Genchev fixes a basal dental implant for missing teeth

patient with gm disease after basal dental implants

Basal implants for gum disease

Basal dental implants are the best solution to treat periodontal disease because they are fixed in the cortical bone that is deeper than the receding gums.

Basal dental implants for bruxism

Basal dental implants resist the teeth grinding associated with bruxism because they are fixed deep into the cortical bone that is hard.

bruxism patient after basal dental implants