Pterygoid Dental Implants

What are pterygoid dental implants?

Pterygoid dental implants are the best solution for the full dental restoration of edentulous patients that suffer from severe bone loss.

pterygoid dental implants

They are also known as are also known as Tubero Pterygoid dental implants. They are a better solution than Zygomatic dental implants, Sinus lift and bone grafting.

Where is the pterygoid implant placed?

Pterygoid dental implants are a long basal dental implant that are used to replace missing teeth behind the sinuses in the posterior maxilla.

pterygoid dental implants
pterygoid dental implant

They are also known as are also known as Tubero-Pterygoid dental implants.

The advantages and benefits of pterygoid implants

Pterygoid dental implants are essential for a full dental restoration. They complete the rehabilitation of the upper jaw to recreate the natural functionality of the mouth.

Edentulism (tooth loss)

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Bone Atrophy (bone loss)

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Full set of teeth

NO Zygomatic Implants

NO Sinus Lift

NO Bone Graft

What is the difference between zygomatic and pterygoid implants?

Zygomatic implants are placed through the sinuses whilst pterygoid implants are anchored behind the sinuses in the pterygoid process of the sphenoid bone.

What are the risks and dangers of pterygoid dental implants?

The disadvantages and risks of Pterygoid dental implants depend on the quality of the dental implant surgeon. Only qualified and experienced dental implant surgeons should perform this operation. It requires more qualifications than conventional implantology. And implantologists that perform this procedure most commonly have a diploma and proven track record in basal implantology. Some of the common risks of pterygoid implants include bleeding and pain that can be managed adequately and the displacement or loss of the implant if it is not anchored properly.

Yet, pterygoid implants are the best solution for patients with severe upper jawbone atrophy who want to receive dental implants without the need for bone grafting, sinus lifting or zygomatic implants.

However, pterygoid implants are the best solution for patients with severe atrophy of the upper jawbone who wish to receive dental implants without the need for bone grafting, sinus lift or zygomatic implants.

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    Advice on pterygoid implants

    How to find a good basal implant dentist for a full dental restoration with pterygoid dental implants?

    Contact us for free advice. We will help find the appropriate dental implant surgeon for full mouth dental restoration with pterygoid dental implants based on your dental condition, location and budget.

    Not all dentists are equal. Basal implantology with tubero pterygoid basal implants requires additional qualifications. And not all qualified basal implantologists are sufficiently experienced to place pterygoid dental implants successfully. We can help you find the right implant dentist.

    And when you find a dental implant surgeon ask for before and after photos of his patients. Check his diplomas. And check his previous experience by analysing the OPG panoramic x ray of the patients to see if there are Pterygoid dental implants behind the sinuses. A good basal implant dentist can place in some cases, if the patient has sufficient bone matter, up to 3 Pterygoid dental implants on each side. The number of Pterygoid dental implants depends on the quantity and quality of the bone.

    basal implantology with 2 pterygoid dental implants
    Alternatives to pterygoid dental implants

    There are several alternatives to tubero-pterygoid dental implants. But each have their draw-backs.

    bone graft procedure

    NO Bone Graft

    No bone graft needed because it often fails for edentulous patients with severe bone loss.

    zygomatic implants

    NO Zygomatic implants

    No need for zygomatic implants that increase the risk of complications.

    sinus lift procedure

    NO Sinus Lift

    Sinus lift can cause chronic sinusitis. Basal implants avoid the need for lifting the sinuses.

    All this information is provided solely as educational content. It is not medical advice. Our aim is to clarify and democratise medical terminology and concepts relating to dental implantology and full mouth dental restoration. For medical advice please consult multiple qualified implant dentists and compare their answers.