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Dr. Genchev is one of the leading implant dentists for full mouth dental restoration with basal dental implants.

He has extensive experience helping patients that suffer from edentulism tooth loss with severe bone loss as well as periodontitis advanced gum disease.

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    Dr. Genchev will tell you what your options are for your dental restoration. He will give you the answers to your questions:

    • Do I have enough bone for dental implants?
    • If I smoke, can I do dental implants?
    • And if I have diabetes, can I have implants?
    • What do you recommend for periodontitis or bruxism?
    • Are zygomatic implants a good solution for me?
    • Do I need a bone graft or sinus lift?
    • How long does a dental restoration take?
    • What is the total cost?
    • What are the risks?
    • Is it painful?
    • What are the guarantees?
    • What are the expected results?
    dr genchev performing a full mouth dental implant procedure

    Edentulism, Bone Atrophy, Periodontitis, Bruxism,

    Dr Genchev uses basal dental implants for the full mouth dental restoration that takes only 1 visit of 5 days.

    Basal implants are the best solution
    for full mouth dental restoration

    Edentulism (toothlessness)

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    Periodontitis (gum disease)

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    Bone loss

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    Basal Dental Implant Photos Before and After

    Dr Genchev is a specialist of full mouth dental restoration with immediate-loading basal dental implants immédiate in 1 visit of 5 days. See the reviews of Dr Genchev.

    OPG edentulism before basal dental implants opg basal dental implant for full rehabilitation

    Patient smiling after full mouth dental implants by Dr Genchev  for YouTube video

    Video Testimonials

    Dr Genchev’s patients come from the USA, Canada, the UK, France and Switzerland. They seek him for his expertise in full mouth dental restoration with basal dental implants.

    Price Full Dental Restoration

    Dr Genchev applies reasonnable prices so that the full mouth dental rehabilitation procedure is accessible to all.
    The price for full mouth dental implants with basal implants is a fixed fee per jaw. All prices are in Euro.

    2 jaws


    1 jaw


    Dr Genchev in Plovdiv Bulgaria

    The dental surgery of Dr Genchev is located in the centre of Plovdiv Bulgaria.

    There are 2 airports: Plovdiv PDV and Sofia SOF. There are cheap flights from the UK and Ireland to Plovdiv and most destinations to Sofia SOF with WizzAir, RyanAir, EasyJet and Air Bulgaria. Dr Genchev’s team can organise an airport transfer and can recommend local accommodation.

    Dr Genchev

    147 Boulevard Tsar Boris III Obedenitel
    Plovdiv 4000

    +359 88 49 79 682

    English speaking

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