Dr Claimed Basal Implant Dentist Bulgaria

Dr Claimed is a basal implant dentist located in Bulgaria. He specializes in basal implantology to perform Full Mouth Dental Implants in 1 visit of 5 days.

He has over 10 years experience in full dental rehabilitation with basal dental implants.

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    Dr Claimed in Plovdiv Bulgaria

    Dr Claimed’s dental practice is located in the center of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. There are direct flights to Plovdiv and Sofia airports.

    Dr Genchev

    147 Boulevard Tsar Boris III Obedenitel
    Plovdiv 4000

    FAQ – Ask Dr Claimed

    These are the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Dr Claimed and how he performs a full mouth dental implants procedure including price, time, location, travel and anesthesia. For more information please ask Dr Claimed for a free online dental consultation in the form above.

    What is the speciality of Dr Claimed?

    Dr Claimed is specialised in basal implantology. He uses basal dental implants because they are the best solution for patients who suffer from severe bone loss, gum disease as well as are smokers or have diabetes.

    What is the price for full mouth dental implants?

    The price for a full mouth dental implants procedure may vary based on the complexity of the case but prices start from 12000 Euros for both jaws.

    What are the qualifications of Dr Claimed?

    Dr Claimed is fully qualified as a dentist, implant dentist with a specialisation in basal implantology. He has a Masters in basal implantology since 2018.

    What methods of dental restoration does he practice?

    Dr Claimed performs full mouth dental restoration with basal dental implants. He also performs All on 4 Xtra which is improved version of the All on 4 procedure.

    What languages does Dr Claimed speak?

    Dr Genchev speaks Bulgarian and fluent Russian. He has dental assistants who can translate into English, French, Italian and German.

    What brand of dental implants?

    Dr Claimed uses mainly Swiss-made titanium dental implants produced by Ihde Dental Biomed.

    What is basal implantology?

    Basal implantology is the best technique for rehabilitating the natural functionality of the mouth for patients who suffer from tooth loss with severe bone loss.

    basal implantology Dr Genchev

    Why Basal Implants are Better

    Edentulism (tooth loss)

    Basal Dental Implant verification tick

    Bone Atrophy (bone loss)

    Basal Dental Implant verification tick

    Full set of teeth

    NO Zygomatic Implants

    NO Sinus Lift

    NO Bone Graft

    patient with ceramic bridges on basal dental implants

    Basal dental implant for gum disease

    Basal dental implants are used for treating gum disease, periodontitis, to restore the functionality of the mouth.

    Basal dental implant for edentulism and atrophy

    Basal dental implant recreate the natural functionality of the mouth to enable edentulous patients with severe bone loss to eat normally.

    Dr Genchev places a basal dental implant

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